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There seems to be some confusion over the function of Y-cables. Let's see if I can fix that. :-)

A y-cable simply provides 2 jacks/plugs from a single input jack/plug. It does NOT send half of the signal to each of the outputs. It sends whatever signal it receives to both of the output connectors. The diagram below shows some common configurations.


In a y-cable, all 3 center conductors are connected directly together and all of the shields are connected together. It contains no resistors or capacitors.

The diagram below shows how the left signal is sent to both channels of the blue amplifier and the right signal is sent to both channels of the green amplifier. The blue amplifier amplifier would drive the speakers on the left side of the vehicle. The green amplifier would drive the speakers on the right side of the vehicle.

Things you shouldn't do:
A y-cable should NOT be used to connect 2 outputs from a head unit, EQ, or other device. It cannot be used to mix 2 signals together to provide a single non-fading output. If 2 outputs are connected together (via a y-cable) and they don't match EXACTLY, one output will be trying to drive the other to match itself. This will likely not damage anything but WILL likely cause the output signal to be distorted.

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