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Let's See What You've Learned!

1. Which of the properties below can be considered to be electrical pressure?

Voltage Current Power A tail pipe :-)

2. Which is the properly rated circuit breaker to protect a 100 watt amplifier running at 2 ohms mono?

20 amps 30 amps 35 amps None of the above

3. If 5 volts is applied to a 1 ohm resistor, how much current will flow through the resistor?

0.5 amps 1 amp 5 amps None of the above

4. If an unfused power wire (which is connected to the positive terminal of the battery) makes contact with the body of the vehicle, how much current will flow through the wire?

No current because the body of the vehicle is not an electrical device.
Less than 1 amp of current
Not enough to do any damage
Enough current to cause an electrical fire

5. If a two channel amplifier is designed to drive a minimum impedance of 2 ohms per channel. What would the equivalent mono load be?

2 ohms mono 4 ohms mono 8 ohms mono Not enough information

6. For a sine wave, by what number do you multiply RMS power to get peak power?

2 1.414 1.73 10

7. If an amplifier keeps blowing a 20 amp fuse (which was supplied by the manufacturer), what is the maximum size fuse with which you can safely replace the blown fuse?

15 amps 25 amps 20 amps 30 amps, but only until you can get a smaller fuse

8. If an equalizer is properly set, it will increase the the overall loudness of the system by how many dB?

0 dB 3 dB 6 dB 10 dB

9. When using a relay, what percentage of the current flowing through the contacts flows through the circuit driving the relay coil?

About 10%
There is no relationship between the currents flowing through the relay's coil and the relay's contacts.

10. Which types of passive crossovers use capacitors to achieve their rolloff?

First order high pass
Second order low pass
Second order high pass
All of the above

11. Is the amplifier the biggest contributor of harmonic distortion in a car audio system?

yes no

12. Does an amplifier's temperature have any effect on its reliability?

Yes No Do not pick this one!

14. In the drawing below, what voltage would correspond to the arrow marked 'A'?

RMS voltage
Peak Voltage
Peak to Peak Voltage
All of the above

15. If your car has a 125 amp alternator and you're driving down the road fast enough so that the engine speed is high enough to allow the alternator to produce its full rated current and all of your car's electrical accessories are drawing 110 amps of current, how much current is being supplied by the battery?

110 amps 55 amps 33.5 amps 0 amps

16. If the slopes on the diagram below are between 6 dB/octave and 24 dB/octave, which is the 12 dB/octave slope?


17. When driving a speaker with an amplifier who's power rating is lower than the speaker's power handling rating, how much lower can the amp's rating be below the speaker's rating without damaging the speakers?

10% 20% 30% It doesn't matter if the amp's power output rating is lower than the speaker's power handling rating.

18. A CD player with a s/n ratio of 100dB going to sound how much better than a CD player with a s/n ratio of 90dB (all else being equal).

10% better
50% better
100% better
The difference is so little that you will never hear the difference.

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