(more commonly known as an 'amp')

Earlier, you saw how increased pressure in a water system caused increased water flow. The same is true with electronics. With water, the flow is rated in gallons per minute (generally) through a pipe. For electricity, the number of electrons per second passing through a given point determines the electrical current through a conductor. Since the number of electrons per second for an amp of current is so great, the amp(ere) is defined as 1 coulomb/second. One coulomb is approximately 6.24x10^18 electrons (6,240,000,000,000,000,000 electrons). When you have a device connected to a power supply (an amplifier in your car connected to the battery) and you play it at a low level, the current flow into the amplifier is relatively low (low amperage). When you drive the amplifier to higher volume, more electrical current is drawn from the battery and passes into the amplifier. This is higher amperage.

You should remember:
1.The amp is the unit of measure for electrical flow.


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