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This table shows the amount of current flow which will cause a 1/2 volt drop in a 15 foot run of cable. Many people consider 1/2 volt to be the maximum acceptable voltage loss in a system's main power wire. The 'total amp power' is the total maximum unclipped RMS power output‡ of all of the amplifiers combined. It is based on 60% efficiency (for class AB amplifiers) and a battery voltage of 13.8 volts.

‡ For all of the calculators and tables on this page, unless otherwise noted, 'max power' is the RMS power output when the amplifier is on the threshold of clipping.

Wire Gauge Current Flow Max Total Amp Power
Class AB (60% eff)
Max Total Amp Power
Class D (75% eff)
0 awg330 amps2731 watts3414 watts
1 awg262 amps2168 watts2710 watts
2 awg208 amps1720 watts2151 watts
3 awg165 amps 1365 watts1707 watts
4 awg131 amps1084 watts1355 watts
5 awg104 amps860 watts1075 watts
6 awg82 amps683 watts853 watts
7 awg65 amps542 watts677 watts
8 awg52 amps430 watts537 watts
9 awg41 amps341 watts427 watts
10 awg33 amps271 watts339 watts
11 awg26 amps215 watts269 watts
12 awg21 amps171 watts213 watts
13 awg16 amps135 watts169 watts
14 awg13 amps107 watts134 watts


Wire GaugeRecommended
Maximum Fuse Size
00 awg400 amps
0 awg325 amps
1 awg250 amps
2 awg200 amps
4 awg125 amps
6 awg80 amps
8 awg50 amps
10 awg30 amps
12 awg20 amps
14 awg15 amps
16 awg7.5 amps

These are the recommended maximum fuse ratings for the corresponding wire size. Using a smaller fuse than what's recommended here will be perfectly safe.

Please note that the recommended fuse ratings are roughly based on 300 circular mils (explained at the bottom of the page) of copper per amp of current. Others may suggest slightly different fuses for a given wire size but these should be generally recognized as safe in most all situations.