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Test Tone Download

Please note that this is a download that you will have to burn to a CD. These are the same test tones that have been included with the full version of my Basic Car Audio Electronics web site. I'm now making them available as a stand-alone product.

File Format:
The test tones CD is in the cue/bin format. This can be burned with ImgBurn which is absolutely free and works very well. This is an alternate download site if the ImgBurn site is too confusing. Install ImgBurn before downloading the file. Download the file and unzip it. In the unzipped file, you'll find a file named 'Basic Car Audio Electronics - Test Tone CD.cue'. Double-click that file and it should open ImgBurn to allow you to burn it to a disc. The following is similar to what you'll see after you've loaded a disc. Click on the button with the blue arrow and the burn will begin.

Sine Wave and Noise Tracks:
There are 76 audio files on the test tones CD. There are 57 sine waves at various frequencies between 10Hz and 20,000Hz. All are recorded at 0dBfs. They are 10 seconds in length. There are 4 'noise' files (white noise, pink noise and brown noise). 3 are 60 seconds long. One pink noise track is 10 minutes long. Pink and brown noise are used to set up your system. Brown noise is essentially pink noise with the high frequencies significantly attenuated. There is also a 'silence' track. It allows you to listen to the noise floor of your system. Simply setting the volume to zero volume may mute the deck's output and mask noise coming from your head unit. If you're checking your system with the silence track, be sure to turn the volume down on the deck before the track ends. If your head unit has a repeat function, use it to repeat the silence track. If you have your volume set to maximum and the next track starts, there may be significant damage to your speakers.

Sweep Tracks:
There are several sweeps. There are eleven 10 second long sweeps that cover only a 10Hz range (40-30, 90-80...). You can use the seconds counter to estimate the frequency. On the 40-30Hz sweep, it will pass 35Hz at 5 seconds. The 90-80Hz sweep will pass through 88Hz at 2 seconds. The same estimates can be made for the 20-20,000Hz sweeps. For the '20' second sweep, multiply the second count by 1000. 10 seconds will be approximately 10,000Hz. One second corresponds to 1000Hz. For the '200' second 20-20,000Hz sweep, multiply the seconds by 100 (at 3 seconds, the tone will be ~300Hz - at 3:00, the frequency will be about 18,000Hz).

The cost of the download is $4.95US. The file is ~350MB so it will take only a few minutes to download if you have a fast broadband connection. If you're using a dial-up connection ,the download is likely going to take several hours. A test download took less than 5 minutes on my connection.

Track List for Test Tones CD