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Full Version of the Site -- Download
Please read all of the following information thoroughly before proceeding

(CD based version is no longer available)

If you're looking for the test tone CD download, it's HERE. These are the same tracks as those on the test tone CD that ships with the repair tutorial.

This is NOT the repair tutorial. This download has NO instructional material regarding amplifier repair. If you're interested in amp repair and want more information on the amp repair tutorial, click HERE.


Downloading the Full Version of the Site:
Due to some interest in downloading the full version of the site, I'm going to try it for a while. If there are no problems, the option will become permanent. Since most people seem to be using broadband connections, I'm now including the test tones in wav format. The download is the full version of the site with all of the added content (content that's not available online). The total price is $14.95US.

It's impractical to update the download version of the site every time changes are made to the site. The download version contains information (including the interactive demos listed at the bottom of the page) that is not available online. It also contains virtually everything on the site but there are a few exceptions (the switching power supply design page, parts of the basic repair page and the flashlight page - there may be other omissions also). The information that's not included in the download version is freely available online.

Download Instructions/Process:
After you click on the download button, you will be taken to a PayPal page to make the payment. After the payment is processed, you will be sent two emails. The first will be the PayPal notice to confirm that you've made the payment. Shortly thereafter you will be emailed a link to the download page (this will be sent within minutes -- if you don't receive the link page within 30 minutes, email me). Follow the directions on the download page. Please note that you have 48 hours to download the file (conditions set by download service). If you have trouble downloading the file please email me before the end of the 48 hour period.

Contents of Downloaded File:
The file that you will download ( will need to be unzipped. Create a new folder and unzip the file into it. There will be 4 items in the folder. If you want to burn the files to a data CD that will auto-run and load the page (may not work in all computers), drag all 4 items to the file window of the software you use for burning CDs. If you simply want to view the files, double-click the index.htm file, it will load an introduction page with additional instructions. From there, click the link to load the full version of the site. Add the page to the bookmarks or favorites so you can access it more easily.

If you want to burn the test tones to an audio CD, drag the files from the test tones folder into the file window of the CD burning software and sort them as you'd like. Nero sorts the files differently than Windows so you'll have to manually arrange the files.

Notes on unzipping the file:
If you have Windows XP, you won't need any additional software to unzip the file. If you are using a different operating system (i.e. Win98), you can download 7-zip to unzip the file. The software is free and fully functional.

Additions to the Full Version

The following are some of the newer additions to the CD ROM version (screen shots here - interactive versions included with the full version). Three of these represent current demos with a face lift. The rest are completely new content. Virtually all are fully interactive. There are more new additions already on CD and more are coming. Please be patient. The images are of relatively high quality and will take a few minutes to download.























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